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Welcome to PicklesnRice, a blog about food and…

  • promoting fermented pickles because they are a delicious way to eat our vegetables and are loaded with probiotics.
  • developing healthier cooking and eating habits by borrowing from the Japanese culture and cuisine.
  • introducing ochazuke (tea rice) to the uninitiated.
  • finding more sensible and simple ways of feeding ourselves

The writer is Karen Uyeda, born, raised and living in Southern California, U.S. Her father was a Nissei (2nd generation Japanese American) and her mother is originally from Japan. Karen grew up eating the Japanese country dishes her mother made, which influences the way she cooks today.  The execution of her  dishes may be evolved or adapted at times, but she is always striving for that delicious and natural taste.  Karen is married and mom to two.  A  systems engineer for over 30 years, she is currently training in culinary school and working in fine dining. In early 2015 Karen opened an Etsy online pie shop, SweetciePie.Etsy.com.

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