Miso Soup and Myoga

I’ll show you how to mince myoga for miso soup.  It is my favorite way to eat myoga.  It is very easy.

For one 6 oz. bowl of miso soup, I sprinkle minced myoga from at least one whole thumb size bud.  This is a case when one simple ingredient makes the dish.  Truly.  It is fragrant and adds just enough spice to balance the salty miso and rich poached egg. Perfection.

Myoga is the flower bud of a Japanese ginger plant.  Read more about myoga here or here.

How to mince myoga1

Mince myoga as you would a bulb of garlic or small onion.  Keep one end in tact while slicing as thinly as possible

How to mince myoga2

Turn the myoga bud 1/4 turn and slice perpendicular to the first set of cuts.

How to mince myoga3

Slice perpendicular to the first two sets of cuts to get a fine mince.  Mince completely, even the stem.  It’s all good eating.


Miso soup with egg

Drop an egg in your miso soup and poach on low heat until the egg is just set.  This mornings miso shiru is with diakon julienne and garlic chive greens.


Miso Soup and Myoga

Garnish your miso soup with all of the minced myoga and enjoy!

If you can get your hands on some myoga, I hope you can try this dish.  It was life changing for me.  That is, it taught me that one special ingredient can elevate the simplest dish and make it something special.  What special ingredient do you use to make a favorite dish?