Tofu and myoga

I’m going to call it. Myoga season has ended. I picked the last Myoga bud on August 12th. The season started three weeks earlier and ended in mid-August. I usually pick Myoga all of September, but not this year. Only time will tell if this is the new normal. [Here is an update from summer of 2015.  This may be the new normal, we had myoga season go from July to August once more. Can you say “global warming”?]

My harvest was smaller than I anticipated for the area the myoga grows.  The plot in my front yard yielded much larger buds and bigger harvests in previous years.  I was stingy with watering and feeding this year, and it shows.

What does one do to extend the harvest and the good eating?  That’s right!  Preserve with a brine.  Pickle it.  It so happened that I had left over brine from one of my daikon pickles that we finished eating.  I decided to simply reuse the brine from this jar.


No fuss.  No muss. I saved up the myoga we didn’t eat, enough to fill a 1 pint jar.    Just drop in the buds and put it in the fridge.  I’m eating cold tofu with minced pickled myoga now, almost a month after the last harvest. Pretty great, huh?

I chose the daikon pickle brine for reuse with the myoga, because the recipe is more like a sweet vinegar dressing than a salty brine.  Also the myoga does not release much liquid to dilute the brine further.

When the season of your favorite harvest ends, what do you do to continue eating the goodness?

 Reuse brine to extend myoga season