Wilted Cabbage

Wilted Cabbage

Wilted cabbage goes great with hot browned sausage.  It was the primary side dish I served on this particular night, and it was made from part of the big cabbage purchase almost 7 weeks ago.  Just so you know, this photo was taken quite a while back.  It was not made with 7 week old cabbage.  (Though, I’d venture to say you could.) I’m late in posting.

I’ve not forgotten my promise to tell you what happened to all the cabbage I bought during the organic cabbage sale.  I figure better late, than never.  So, what did I do with all that cabbage?  Much of it went into cabbage tsukemono, a good chunk went into shredded cabbage salad, and the last of it went into the dish pictured above.

I also dedicated another whole 1.5 head to a second batch of tsukemono.  However, not all is perfect in the pickling world, and I neglected the batch just one day during a busy weekend.  A combination of warm weather, a cabbage already partially dehydrated, and low salt yielded a big bowl of browning cabbage shreds.  It happens.  In fact it’s happened more than once…just part of the pickling journey.

I think the tsukemono was still wholesome as it was not slimy one bit, and still very firm.  But, the color was so unpalatable, I made the decision to throw it out…. big sigh…

Thank goodness that there are always more cabbage sales, especially around St. Patrick’s Day.

Two small organic cabbage from a St. Patrick's Day Sale.

Two small organic cabbage from a St. Patrick’s Day Sale.

About the Wilted Cabbage recipe, there really isn’t much to it.  Here it is.


Shred the cabbage thinly.  Throw it into a hot lightly oiled pan and saute until limp.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  That’s it!  Very quick and very simple.